The Male Gaze/ Seven Inches​!​!​!

by Crawford Smith and Liam Bassford

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The rollicking new split from a pair of demented roommates. Like e. coli for your ears.


released April 2, 2013

The Male Gaze:
Crawford Smith: songs, guitars, lead vox
Liam Bassford: bass, guitar, backup vox
Alex Williams: drums, production/recording
Juliette Allen: mandolin, backup vox
Blare Coughlin: guitar, bass drum, backup vox
Olivia Kaplan: banjo, backup vox
Brachas: glockenspiel, backup vox
Lily Shebell: production/recording, backup vox
Steven Whitely: accordion, trumpet
Jehane Yazami: trash

Juliette, Blare, Olivia and Lily collectively make up Lady Stampede

Seven Inches!!!
Liam Bassford: songs, bass, vox
Crawford Smith: guitar
Alex Williams: drums, production/recording



all rights reserved


Crawford Smith Montreal, Québec

A Montreal-based smartass who lacks the attention span to stick to one genre.

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Track Name: Crawford Smith ft. Lady Stampede - Let's Do Something (That You'll Regret)
Let's do something that you'll regret
I swear you won't lose my respect
Just let me get my 30 seconds in

And if you ain't that into it
N if you need to forget it
Just take a coupla pulls off this gin

Promise it won't last long
I've been accused before of doing it wrong
But to me it feels alright

Let's do somethin you'll be regrettin
I hope this was what you were expectin
When I offered to walk you home from that bar

I promise I won't tell our friends
For you and me this courtship ends
When the sun comes rushin through the mornin dark

I no I'm no prize
And on any other night you'd balk
At gettin close to this cock
Track Name: Crawford Smith ft. Lady Stampede - You Love That Dog (More Than You Love Me)
I saw you at the pet store
You were standing at the counter
You were buying poop bags
I asked you if you want a fag
Knew you would say yes
I saw your nicotine stained hands
I asked you if you wanna fuck
You said yes so we went up
To your apartment and fuck like animals

I said I'm in love
You didn't say nothin
Little did I know that

You love that dog x3
More than you love me x2

When we started I was happy
You were the first girl I could get
To talk to me for more than 2 minutes
But comin over the horizon
I could sense a certain distance
Oh no
One day I came home early
And in the closet of the bedroom
I saw you fuckin that doberman pinscher again

You said you was done with this
When we begun
Little did I know that

Track Name: Crawford Smith - Fornication Blues
The other day it suddenly struck me
That I couldn't talk to people or get no pussy
Spendin Saturday nights chillin at home
With the TV on
Gettin drunk alone

The very next day I went out to a club
Lookin to take advantage of some chicks who was drunk
But I struck out, I don't know what went wrong
I guess my game was off
From chillin at home

Next I tried a frat party
Thinkin sorority chicks'd be loose n free
But I was deceived, the place was filled with bros
So I stood in the corner
Gettin drunk alone

So then I thought I'd set my sights too high
Should go to a house party n learn to socialize
But the scene was dead, I sat outside n got stoned
It was exactly the same
As chillin at home

So if by some unlikely chance
You wanna chill with me please don't take no offense
When I say that I'd rather stay at home
With the TV on
Gettin drunk alone
Track Name: Crawford Smith ft. Lady Stampede - I Was Insane
Sometimes I feel like going on a rampage
Like Columbine it'll get on the front page

Except when I'm done I won't blow out my brains
So when they ask me why I did it I can say

That I was insane (He was insane)
Messed up in the brain (He was insane)
I was insane (He was insane)
And you were to blame

Sometimes I feel like stealing a police van
And re-enacting Death Race 2000

When a river of blood runs through the streets
How do you think I will explain my spree